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Our company Introduction

WRP is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Surgical, Examination, High Risk and Multipurpose gloves with worldwide coverage in every key market sector. Our Malaysia-based factories meet and exceed the most stringent international quality and product standards, giving us the ability to serve virtually any country around the world.

Our distribution partners include the world’s most respected brand industry, companies who trust their reputation and good name to the quality, service and proprietary technology of WRP. 

WRP factories employ state-of-the-art technology, modern dipping lines and flexible packaging options, including sterile and non-sterile. Our on-site gamma sterilization facility and packaging manufacturing plant ensures smooth uninterrupted order processing from start to finish.

We produce a very wide range of gloves with nitrile, chloroprene, polyisoprene and natural rubber latex materials. We offer a comprehensive selection of colors, weights, textures, lengths and coatings. WRP is also world leader in latex Balloon Catheters and Radiation Protective gloves.

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